Friday, March 7

Random Pictures of the day....

Today I took Regina to see Ear Nose Throat specialist. Dr Breadenkamp is his name. He is very busy man and sometimes it takes forever to get appointment to see him. ANd if we get it, then we have to wait couple of hours in Dr. office before we get INTO ROOM.. Today we were pretty lucky. We got in right in. Saw doctor, and found out that she has possible staph infection inside her nose. No wonder her nose looks painful inside. We also mentioned to Dr Bread.. that Regina has been on Zitromax for 5 days and her runny nose is getting much better. Dr Bread. agreed that zitromax was a good choice for Reginas case. Now we have to wait for 4 days and start again next week another 5 days of ZItromax. We have appointment to see Dr Bread on 19th, and then he wants to do CT scan of Reginas sinuses. He also seems to know every single doctor we know. He was familiar with Dr Loudon/Mohanen( spelling). He knew reginas pediatricians, and few other specialist Regina has seen . So that was pretty cool I think.

Also We found out that Reginas labs are pretty ok. I am not happy about her Platelet count. It is still under 100 000. it was 96 000 yesterday . It should be over 100 000 by now.. I guess Regina needs little more time to recover.

Now, Myself I have been sick few days. It sucks to be sick. Body pains, headaches, stuffy nose, more body pains. I have been taking rock salt baths 3 days in a row, and it relieves pains for few hours and relaxes me. I just hope it passes soooon. Regina truly is my hero. She was sick for 7 months with all sorts of things and she never complained. I have been sick for 3 days and here I am bawling like a baby... Shame on me.

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good luck for Regina and Mommy, hope you're feeling better soon.