Friday, March 14

Our Friday.

On Fridays we usually have lots of fun. This Friday was no different. Fun for us is going to movies, bookstores, stores my kids like, running around like crazy and acting as silly as possible.

All you Dr Seuss fans... Horton hears a WHO... is one great movie..
During first 15 minutes of this movie I almost regretted that I took my kids to see it.. I almost fell asleep.. But then things started moving, and I ended up loving this movie. So did my kids.
After that we went to bookstore- Barnes and Nobel.
Usually regina is the one who looks at the pictures only and never reads in bookstore. But this time she was reading, and reading and reading. She read 30 minutes straight and she actually remembered what she was reading about. I am more and more impressed with her ability to think and act and do things. I was expecting worse, but she just keeps impressing me.

Anyway, after reading few books we went to one of her favorite restaurants- Wahoos. She wanted to eat Spicy fish with rice.. So she got it. SHe has been on some weird fish kick. Salmon, tuna...

We also got back reginas Psychological evaluation from CHLA. Anyway, for my BIG surprise Regina is 3 months smarter than she should Anyway, she falls right into average range. In some areas high average, some areas low average and some areas-- above average... So I am really impressed with that also.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Congratulations on Regina's test results. Hope she keeps improving each and every day. Glad you have Fridays as your fun day.

Sheila P. said...

Regina may be craving the fish because she needs the omega fish oil.I will continue to keep your family in my prayers and hopefully you will only have good news from now on.....

Lennuk said...

Psychological evaluation seems to gone really well. I bet that hearing this makes you less worried and happier! Congrats, Regina! And Mommy too!
Wow, what a good reader she is!

Susan said...

Hey Diane,

Oh, I'm so glad you had such a great day on Friday.

We went to see "Horton Hears a Who" too. I felt the SAME exact way as you and I think I did nod off in the beginning. But boy, once it start picking up, I LOVED IT!

I was almost shouting at the end. (don't worry I didn't!)

So blessed to read Regina continues to feel well. What an answer to many prayers.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.