Sunday, March 9


Past few months we spend our Saturday NOON time in Irvine. We do it because my sweet boy Gabriel attends Irvine Art And Music school there. My husband enrolled Gabriel in Chinese class that last 1 1/2 hours every saturday. gabriel is really good at Chinese, BUT HE HATES IT. He told me that I have to tell his teacher that this is HIS LAST TIME to go to this school, since He hates China now a lot. lol.

Few weeks ago we added Piano Lessons to his busy schedule. So now he has piano from 11.30-12 and from 12-1.30 PM he has chinese.

While Gabriel was studying hard, Regina and I usually walk around and visit local stores or eat light lunch.
This time we went to Armstrong Gardens, which sells plants, flowers, bushes, trees.. you name it they have it. And this time of year it is especially colorful.

I mentioned that i have been sick past few days. Regina took charge and has made me breakfast past few days. TOday she made me apple and cheese salad:) AND it was surprise for me. She woke up 6am and did it just for me. Yesterday she made me parsley, onion , carrot, apple, salad with Italian dressing. ihi. And it was very good - again.. I did not help her to make it, she came up with her own recipes.

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good for you Regina. I know our 8 year old Granddaughter likes to mix up cookies and things. Her Mom lets her and then her Mom puts the items in and takes the items out of the oven.

Poor little Gabriel sounds like he has a busy full day on Sat. When does he have time for lunch?

Hope you're feeling better Mommy.