Sunday, March 23

Eggs, eggs, andm ore eggs.

Eggztravaganza in our howse is ower. I am fuuulll of eggzzzz. ( this is for Kathy)

We had so much fun today. Regina woke up today 6 am- she came to my bed, woke up and told me- MOM I am so exited, today is Easter. I told her HMH, and went back to sleep.
5 minutes later she came back , patted my face and asked- MOM , I wanna watch Tv, Can I???

I told her MHM, pulled blanket over my head and went back to sleep.... Few hours later I woke up and both of my kids were watching TV downstairs... YAWN...

Around3 o'Clock our friends came over and we had filled LOT of plastic eggs with coins, candy and weird toys that only our kids appreciate.. Kids decorated eggs, played with play dough, Gabriel and his "boy" friends played Came cube and had TONS of fun. It was fun Easter.

Myself, I am full, I am so full I can't move. I ate LOTS of eggs, salmon with chantanelle mushrooms and ate M&Ms and Kahlua cupcakes.. Tomorrow morning I HAVE TO HIT THE GYM. 2 hours of workout to get this junk off my trunk.... This was fun Easter.

If you want to see pics please go to.

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

I just looked at your photos, you have a lot of nice ones. So happy Regina and family had a fun day.