Monday, March 3

Oh School Days...

We had pretty cool weekend. Our good friend Devin Celebrated his 6ht birthday and we went to jump'n Jammin , where kids jumped and jammed for couple of hours.

Regina was littlebit tired since night before she was in YMCA allnighter ( from 6pm- till 8AM). I guess she went to bed too late and had to wake up to early ( 7.30 AMish). She told me that she woke up 4am there and wanted MOMMY to come and pick her up, but nobody called MOMMY. :(.

Then on Saturday night I noticed at night that something was off with her breathing. She would stop breathing for few seconds and then she was breathing really fast like trying to catch up... Anyway, I was little worried. Then she still has her headaches, she looks little bit pale ( spelling).
I asked Dr Dhall to do some research ( Like he has nothing else to and find me a good pediatrician in my area. Couple of hour later he calls me and tells me that he found one.... WOHOOO!!!!

Anyway- we saw Dr Hayashida today. He is super nice and awesome pediatrician. Seriously- I already love him...hihi. He is very good with kids ( DUH), he is smart, I did not have to explain him twice what PNET is, I did not have to explain him WHY regina is taking one or other medication... he just knew what this or that meant. So if you guys need OR looking for a good pediatrician in Laguna niguel/Mission viejo Area then Dr K Hayashida in Mission Viejo is great choice for you.. AND he has great sense of humor -- VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!

Anyway, Regina has pretty serious Sinusitis. REgina ad runny nose for few months now and nothing seemed to take it away. Her immune system is still recovering so I understand, but It is frustrating for her. :(
We also got labs done here today. I Just want to know how she is doing, and I need to see some number to make me feel I think I will get the results later tomorrow....

OH,,,, and now something exiting. Regina and I are driving to LA tomorrow for a little Hollywood action. Regina will play extra in some hollywood movie. We have to be there by 7.30 AM, witch means ... we have to start driving 5.45 AMto make it on time.... UGH.. I have to wake up E A R L Y . Gabriel is spending a night in friends house- WHICH was very exiting for him....

SO there you go -- that is about it for now. I will let you know later tomorrow how Reginas acting venture went. She was not very exited about it few days ago, but today she told me that SHE Is VERY vERY EXITED AND SHE CAN"T WAIT TO BE ON
Talk to you later..


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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sounds like she's been having a ball, but she must remember to rest more often so she doesn't get so tired.

Good luck with the extra part in the movie, hope that all turns out great for her.