Friday, April 25


I can honestly say - I AM EXHAUSTED!!! REgina is finally starting to feel better-ABOUT TIME!!! Cough is still there, but it sounds soo much better.
To make my day worse, Gabriel woke me up this morning . I asked him what is wrong, and poor Gabriel could not talk. He had no voice. I did get that he had no voice, but I gave him hard time anyway questioning him about what is going on. He got so frustrated with me he ran out of my bedroom and came back with a written sign-- I CAN'T TALK RIGHT NOW. I HAVE NO VOICE!!! lol. I just burst out laughing. So I kept him home also. Around 11 am his voice started coming back, but it started to loose it's power again before bedtime. Very weird.
(Regina and CAKE- Regina baked and decorated it )

AND NOW ONE VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER!!!!!! Please watch American Idol on Wednesday night. Regina and I got lucky and scored 2 tickets - THanks to HEad TO Hollywood organization. If I remember right then Natasha Betingfield and Neil Diamond perform ( but that could change).. After show we were promised to take pictures with some of the American Idol cast and hosts. So very cool.:) Regina will take her FLAT Regina with her and include her in pics. :)

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