Friday, April 11

All his bags are packed...

and he is ready to go.. well, he already left . Yes, my dh is off to Asia again. Regina did not handle him leaving this time very easy.
We had dinner in Encounter restaurant ( by LAX) , and during dinner Regina started crying and told Nick that she does not want him to leave, and that she will miss him tooooo muuuch. She lost her appetite and did not eat anything. Poor Regina. She loves her daddy very much and was very sad to see him go this time.

Now about Encounter restaurant. Restaurant itself is beautiful. It is under construction , but inside is finished.
Very contemporary and views to LAX. BUT food there is overpriced and not the best food ever. Kids meal there is 8 dollars plus drink - 2.50. Ridiculous. Mac and cheese was out of box and NOT from scratch. My wild mushroom ravioli was delicious, but not worth 20 dollars. My husband had new york stake, and it was NOT ALL THAT. 30 dollars for stake that was tough- medium rear but seemed like meat came from old Anyway, it was nice, but COME ON?? Dinner for 2 adults and 2 kids costed us 100 dollars plus tip AND service sucked big time. Our waitress was slow and nowhere to be seen when we needed her. We prefer Chili's all the way. Friendly service, tasty food and great prices :)

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope your husband and Regina's Father has a safe trip to and from and hope he doesn't have to be gone too long. Hope she'll handle his absence ok.

About the restaurant and food, you can chalk it up to an experience and know not to go back there again and go to Chili's instead. We've never eaten there. We're older so we pick places like Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel and MCL Cafeteria. We know the food is always good at these three places and we know the prices are good. Although the cafeteria can get pricy if we pick out too many selections. LOL!