Monday, April 14

Exiting news.

Flat Regina in Peking Airport ( China)
First very exiting thing is- REGINAs HAIR IS FINALLY STARTING TO GROW. It looks so adorable. It is only millimeter long,but I cried when I saw those dark spots on her head. I did not think that hair growing back can be such a emotional thing for me. When It fell out I did not feel sad, It is just part of process and it happens to almost everybody. But back then I never thought that we would make it this far that I COULD SEE HEr HAIR coming back. She is exited also. She wishes that her hair grew faster. :)

Gabriels Snake In Peking Airport lol

AND my second exciting news is- REGINA and I are going to American Idol Taping on April 30th. WOHOOOO. It is a dream come true for me , Regina is just exiting about it. :) I wish time went by faster :)


Anonymous said...

HA!!! Flat Regina, I LOVE IT! We just did Flat Stanley for my 7 year olds class. That is a GREAT idea!

I am not sure if I have introduced myself yet. My name is Tiffani and I found your blog a few months ago. Probably when Brainhell passed. I have found some wonderful blogs from his commenters. I have 2 daughters, 3 and 7. They are both healthy and I am so thankful. Your blog has inspired me to become a Chemo Angel. We do not have our assignment yet, but I can't wait. And if you don't mind I might hit you up for some ideas.

Anyway, I love your blog (all of them) and your family. You are all an inspiration to me.

Take care. Tiffani

Lennuk said...

Wow, American Idol taping! What a treat! :)
Jealous... I guess! No, sure!