Thursday, April 17

Monthly check up

Regina had her Labs drawn in CHLA. Sadly her Platelets dropped once more. they are now 70 000. Her hemoglobin was Ok 10,6. Reginas ANC is not recovering the way I FEEL it should recover. Her ANC in 1500. WHEN it drops to 1400 then we should start getting worried..

Dr Dhall consulted with Dr Finlay and they both agreed ( ME TOO) that we should NOT start chemo, since it is not very safe to do so. WE did get our Acutane, and Today was first day REgina was on acutane. No side effects yet, but I am sure they will show up soon..

Now about something very cool and exited. Soon Regina will be walking around with FULL SET OF HAIR. Today we went to see Robert Ferrari who owns hair replacement company called Ultimate Image. Today he took Reginas head measurements in a very fun way. He wrapped some plastic wrap around Reginas head, marked it with marker, then placed tape strip by strip on top of it and when it was done. Reginas custom hair mold. Now in 5-6 weeks custom made wig will be made for her. Hardworking people will sew it hair by hair to very light material that will not irritate her skin.

When wig is done, we will got to back to Ultimate Image, and stylists there will style and cut her wig and then "glue" it on her .. lol.... It will stay stuck to her head for 4 weeks and then we have to apply more adhesive and she will be good for another 4 weeks... She can swim with this wig, run, do whatever she wants. And it is made out of all natural hair... Now the best part about it is... Robert Ferrari will do it for Regina FOR FREE. Honestly, I was so happy I wanted to cry, but my meds did not let me do so.. I was just speechless, because I was not expecting it. It felt like I was in one of those cool tv shows where they bring people in and tell them,,, WE ARE TAKING CARE OF EVERYTHING. And I am just so thankful for people like Robert.

OK now. I have to work out now.. BTW, today I went to St Josephs Hospice care , and applied for volunteer job.... So, after I get my TB test done i am officially Hospice volunteer. NO I am not crazy....

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sounds like a very nice thing Robert is doing. I hope Regina likes her new hair. How long before you think her own will grow in again? Good luck with your volunteer work at Hospice. Our one daughter did that for a while. Have a great week-end.