Wednesday, April 23

Get well wishes for REgina needed.

Regina and her Best friend Heather with Flat Regina

Last week REgina started coughing. Just a try cough, nothing serious. Dr Told us that most likely she has allergies. Well, on Tuesday she started coughing like there is no tomorrow. She stayed awake pretty much all night long coughing. Cough, cough cough cough.. School has been out of question. We still do homework, and went to take a walk and ate lunch out, but she gets tired very easily, and looses concentration aslo. She has those weird GOOD mood, BAD mood moments. Poor Regina she is out of it. So I took her to doc on Tuesday and we were told that most likely it will run its course... So now I am waiting IT RUN AWAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
Also, Accutane is not the best thing for her. Her skin is just so fragile...she got eczema blotches on her nose and body. I feel so bad for her. Like she has not been through enough s&^%.

Also, her appetite is gone but at least she is drinking enough fluids in.:)


hani said...

Hi, you might want to let Regina try mixture of honey and lemon. But not sure if she can take these 2 ingredients. Or you can try tamarind juice mix with warm water.

I take this during my pregnancy because I do not want to harm the baby with chemical.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I keep praying for Regina, hoping this will all heal and go away. Watch her cough, my husband couldn't seem to shake his, and he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.

Anonymous said...

Sending Get Well Wishes your way. Take care of yourself too!