Thursday, April 3

More Crescent Healthcare Drama.

Oh Drama. I Appeal to drama. How weird, that something so simple can make my day go wa wa wa wa waaaaa.
Anyway. Crescent healtcare ( CH), is delivers REginas line care supplies home- Heparin, saline, stat locs, alcohol swabs, tape removers, end caps, and gazillion other things, so I can take care of Reginas central line at home. Today is April 3d, Right???

I called Ch this morning to request couple of items for a month. In few hours I get a call back from our "girl". First thing that come out of her mouth is- Do you know that this is like third time within this month we have sent you supplies, it is too often. We only do it once a month...

WHAT? It is april 3'd sweety. Last month you sent us twice, and you did not even mention that that is your policy.. So she went on an on an on and on and on, and told me to get my inventoy straight and order everything once that I need for Dressing change. I about lost it, not to mention I forgot to take my antidepressants this morning,
I told her with slightly raised voice.. Listen. I don't know if you have daughter with cancer, or loved one, or ever had to take care of one. But Do you really think that ALL supplies end same time, so even thought I have 100 alcohol swabs and 4 flushes left I still should order another 100 alcohol swabs? Sometimes you send me 60 flushes , but only 30 ends for flushes, and I use 4 flushes per day, so I only have enough ends for how many flushes??? sometimes you send me only 2 blue antibiotic disks, Eventhough I ordered for a month witch is 4?? I have been with your company since july 2007, and how many times I have complained that I do not get enough products for a month??? hmh? So , Please send me things I need right now, because I have your handbook here with me and NOWHERE it says that YOU ONLY DO ONCE A MONTH HOME DELIVERIES???? Wher is it?? Pinpoint it out to me , please??? One of your companies missions is to - WE are committed to proiding services that are responsive to the needs of our patients and their families, physicians, and employees....-- so please be responsive to Reginas needs.

Anyway, I just had to let it out. I am still furious. her company is not even delivering it straight to my door- sometimes they use USPS, or fed ex... I think... So what's the deal anyway.

I am not saying that I had no fault, but seriosly, I ordered supplies last month twice because they sent me wrong thing,, And this month once, because I do not like to order things I DO NOT NEED. They just recalled heparin flushes last month, and THAT WAS THEIR FAULT , not mine. They had to make that extra delivery.!!!! So , there ya go!!!

But yeah, Heparin flushes were recalled to do contamination, and I was flushing Regina with that heparin solution for 7 months. Nice,,, Should I start a lawsuit too???? I just need some money...

Prefilled syringe heparin flush recall

Yet another heparin recall was issued today, this time for prefilled heparin flush syringes manufactured by Covidien. Certain lots of the Monoject Prefill Heparin Lock Flush Syringes were recalled due to fears that they may be contaminated with the same fake ingredient which has led to severe allergic-type reactions associated with other forms of heparin. The lawyers at Saiontz, Kirk & Miles, P.A. are reviewing potential prefilled syringe heparin lawsuits for any individuals who have experienced problems which may be related to the heparin flush.

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