Saturday, April 26

Sunshine Kids

We had a great Saturday. Regina has almost recovered from Her cough and we decided to accept Sunshine kids invitation to their Art Exhibition. Sunshine kids is great organization and their events are always full of love and sunshine. This time was no different. Kids were presented with medals and Sunshine kids Calendars, lots of food, Limo ride to location, strawberries and sparkling soda It was fun event.

What made this event really special you ask. Well, sunshine kids had invited special Guest to present kids with medals- This special guest was J.K Simmons. He was great and very friendly guy:) I am sure kids were like - WHO IS THIS DUDE? But moms and dads knew for sure who he is. :)

Anyway , it was wonderful event and we are so happy to be part of Sunshine Kids :)

MOre pictures---

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