Thursday, February 14

We are full...

( Regina helped me decorate and bake some heart shaped cookies. THEY Are delicious)

Happy Valentines day to you all. REgina had a great day in School. SHe told me that she enjoyed seeing everyone and people were nice to her. lol She is funny.:) SInce it was valentines day, all kids exchanged valentines and REgina was extremely happy that kids did not forget about her and got her some valentines as well.. Guess who ended up eating most of her candy--- mommy Diana. Since Regina is allergic to lot of things, then only "somewhat" safe candy for her is mini M&M's... And other stuff ended up in me.. hehe..

Now, why We are full? We are full because I have no shame. I knew it is valentines day, but it did not stop me accepting food from my good friend P. She delivered the bestestest Persian food feast to our house and we ended up eating for 10... I can't say no to saffron rice eggplant tip. I can't say no to chicken and beef kebabs. AND I have to over eat.

Usualy my DH and I went out on Valentines day, but this year we did not. I think we are just lazy. He did surprize me with beautiful over priced Tulips this morning. Fed ex delivered them
just on

TOmorrow we are going to CHLA for labs and family photo shoot. Also , SInce we are there Regina has Psych testing from 2 till 4pm. And then we are done for a day.

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Patty said...

Glad you all had a wonderful Valentines day. Hey, that's what holidays are for, over eating, as long as we can get back on track the next day. Candy is my weakness and now at this stage in my life, I'm suppose to watch my sweet intake. So glad Regina is getting along so nicely. Have a wonderul week-end.