Tuesday, February 19


MRI today..

I Also want you to check out couple of great non profit organizations who have helped us over the years.:)

The Tug McGraw Foundation was established to raise funds for pioneering brain cancer research, increase public awareness of the disease, and support college students who exemplify leadership and Tug’s inspiring “Ya Gotta Believe” spirit. Over 200,000 adults and children annually receive a diagnosis of brain cancer, and the mission of the Foundation is to support research that will improve their quality of life in the physical, social, spiritual, and cognitive areas.

The Foundation develops programs and raises funds for three specific elements in this mission.

  • The Tug McGraw Neuro-Oncology Quality of Life Research Center at Duke and grants to other medical and research institutions in the United States
  • Public awareness and education activities promoting knowledge and understanding of brain cancer and related issues
  • The Diamond 45 Scholarship Program for collegiate scholars

Make a WIsh grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions .

http://www.stjude.org St Jude is dedicated finding cure for pediatric cancer.

Sunshine kids provides positive group activities for Children with cancer. Regina loves sunshine kids.

http://www.larmh.org/ Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House provided us room while REgina was getting treated in CHLA. ( fee per night was 25 dollars).
http://chla.org/ Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles- REgina is being treated there now.


Chemoangels - REgina loves her chemo angels. Thank you Judy and Angie :) And of course Angel Carol :)

These are just a few great groups that helped us. And of course how could I forget all of you who emailed us, called us, dropped a note. Took care of Gabriel when we where to busy caring for Regina. WAIT--- don't run away yet. I may still need you once in a while ;)


Susan said...


Let us know how the MRI went!

Jerri said...

I will be praying for you today (as I always do.) I am a chemo angel to a wonderful lady in Maryland. I hope she enjoys my cards......