Wednesday, February 20

MRI results.

Well, After hour wait Doctor Dhall shows up with future treatment papers. I asked him about MRi- he forgot to check it- he storms out of room, comes back 5 minutes later and tells us-
MRI is GOOD. MRS is GOOD. There were tiny changes, but nothing major.... SO Everything is stable :)

Then we did discuss more about REginas upcoming maintenance therapy. It is low dose chemo combined with accutane. It has lot of bad side effects, but it also has its good side. Bad is- Swelling in the brain, fluids in brain, seizures, headaches, loss of appetite, depression, suicide attempts, etc.... But good thing is- it could possible keep her cancer away..
In two weeks we get Reginas counts tested again, if her platelet count is over 100 000 then we can start it. If not, then we have to wait till her counts recovered.
Reginas Platelet count dropped this week, since she has been little sick- nothing serious- just runny nose and tiny cough- just like every other kid has... and that most likely kept her platelet counts down.

Next MRI is in May 20th.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sounds like all is coming along pretty good for her. Hope she keeps improving each and every day.

Lennuk said...

HURRAY for good MRI results!

Kathy said...

I've known a couple of people who had to discontinue accutane due to depression.

But in general it's well tolerated.

It's awesome that she's doing so great, I guess you must be doing something right.

Susan said...

Oh my, this news has MADE MY DAY!!

Whooo HOOOO, doing a great big happy dance down here in Louisiana for our precious Princess Regina!!