Friday, February 8

FInally Update..

After 2007 brain surgery in Disneyland.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Regina has been inpatient since Saturday late night. Of course Regina managed to get fever when I was home and Nick was with regina. It is Friday today( 6 days after she was admitted), and she is doing great. We are not in our Regular 4 west wing. We are in 4 east wing, where are mostly Leukemia and sickle cell etc, kind of cancers and conditions. We miss our 4 west nurses.

Anyway- Reginas ANC is still 0. She received platelets and blood while here and was 4 different antibiotics. She was also hooked up with IV fluids, but now she is completely wireless. Lol.. All we have to do now is wait till her ANC shows up. We guess we have to spend here 3 more days. Regina is full of energy, she dances, does crafts, eats, drinks and asks- Can we go home now, can we go home now. She is weird. Lol

She is also very exited about valentines day. She asks me few times a day about it. We already made all valentines for her classmates, and she wants to deliver them HERSELF. She told me SHE wants to go to school on 14th. J I guess I have no saying that she can’t. Doctors also agree with me that it is ok to send her to school , because if her ANC is there and she is not sick- WHY NOT???

Me of course on the other hand , have not been working out at all I have been eating has been settling on my butt and belly. Seriously. What else can I do here? Watch tv, eat, watch more tv, eat…. Watch more tv and eat…. Sadly 4 east does not have wireless connection and I have to sneak out to BMT area to get connection… Oh so complicated… Tonight I will go to McDonalds and get one ore McFlurry and 2 apple pies. Food just tastes better after 9PM.


Patty said...

So very happy all seems to be going so well. Keeping my fingers crossed, that soon she'll be home again. There's no place like home.

Jerri said...

Hello for northern Michigan. It is -45 today. I pray for Regina everyday. She is just precious and looks like an angel. I read your blog daily.