Friday, February 15

Family Portrait weekend...

Family Portrait weekend in CHLA has started. We had our family pics taken today and they came out great. Now little bit about this event...

Our Mission at Holden's Hope Train is simple: To bring a smile to kids and families on the most difficult journey of their lives, and to let everyone know that kids get cancer too. Our work is inspired by the memory of our son, Holden Kai Bikichky,
The Little boy that could.

Holden was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare childhood liver cancer in 2001. After a year and a half of Chemo, aniangiogenic therapy, numerous surgeries, herbal medicines and lots and lots of love and prayers; Holden got his angel wings on may 7th, 2003.; He was two years and four months old.

We never had family portrait taken, much to our regret. We want to make sure every hem/onco family has this opportunity while they can. We hope you enjoy the memories..

Sincerely, Caroline & Andy Bikichky.

Pictures are taken by Kristin Farrand, Photographer Extraordinaire.


Patty said...

What beautiful photos. Love the family portraits. Thinking of you.

katarina said...

armsad pildid:-)
sul on vahva sini-must-valge top
head tulevat vabariigi aastapaeva!

Lennuk said...

I love Reginas standing pose! Clare indicator that she is growing up! :)