Thursday, February 21

Thursday :)

Today was fun day. Well, at least it was fun 15 minutes. I was mystery reader in Reginas classroom. It means. Beginning of school year teacher sends us home letter where she ask if we would like to Read in classroom. Children are not told who will come and read, so this is total surprise for them. I chose to read book ELLA the elegant Elephant.

It is one of my fave children stories. Regina heard it many times, but I thought that it would be great if whole class heard about it. I think they all liked it :) And I could see that Regina was very proud that I was there reading for HER class. This year I did not sign up for volunteering in classroom, because IT has been heck of a few months. So this was special for her.:)

I also called CHLA today. As you know, REgina has central Broviac line.

It is lot of work. I have to flush line with saline and heparin solution every morning. I have to change Line dressing every monday ( our schedule). AND I have to make sure line is in working order, and skin around it looks great and not infected. It takes me usually 20 minutes to change dressing. Flushing only takes about couple of minutes, but i have to make sure I wash my hands at least 20 seconds with hot soapy water. No harmful bacteria allowed.

So anyway. I called to CHLA and asked if we could get Reginas line pulled, since she is off treatment now, and we only need to access her line for labs once in a while. I was told that yes, that it is ok. So we are now waiting our "line" ladies phonecall, so we could schedule procedure to remove her line. In St Jude they just pulled REginas line out without any anesthesia. But in CHLA they remove it with anesthesia.

They will have to put REgina to sleep for it. SO hopefully by the end of next week we get it pulled. AND finally Regina can take showers and baths. I have been sponge bathing her these past 7 months, and let me tell you. IT IS NOT FUN!!! So if you still think that taking care of children with cancer, think twice. IT is not. It is full time job.

Now about me. If you remember , while ago I had lot of back problems due to "hospital beds" and stress. Thanks to my great chiropractor my back has been in great shape. Right now I get adjusted by him at least once a week. It is so worth it. He really knows what he does.
So yeah, if you live in OC area and need Chiro then check out Dr James Reiley.

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Lennuk said...

You are such a good and caring mom. I mean who wouldn't do it for their kids, but just reading about it made me sniffy. So much love....