Tuesday, February 12

We are finally home.

It was longest Hospital stay so far. And it was not easy one.
Yesterday was one very scary day for us. We were told that we can get home after regina receives platelets. ( monday).
Regina was given premeds,- Benadryl and tlyenol to prevent any side effects. After premeds were given Regina was hooked up with platelets. And what happened next was scary to all of us.
Regina started screaming. I Never seen her scream like that. She was holding her back and screaming and cramping. At first we thought that it has something to do with her stomach problems, but her stomach is fine and no issues there. Regina started crying and screaming and grabbing her back. Platelets were stopped right away and given her more medications. After platelets were taken off pain stopped. I was relieved.
What happened was - It does not matter what type platelets she gets- a, ab, or 0- does not matter. BUT platelets have proteins attached to them and most likely the platelets Regina got this time were from very strong mail with strong proteins. 6 hours after this incident Regina received new bag of platelets with different proteins in them and she did great.:)
But it sure was scary. Her poor kidneys could not handle it and started cramping. :(:(

AND I would like to say very special thanks to my friend Parisa who went and donated platelets :)


Patty said...

Bless her heart, so glad she's finally at home again. That poor child has had to go through so much in her short life. I hope the worse is over for her. It's time she gets some rest at home with her Mom, Dad and brother. Give her a big hug and kiss.

Kathy said...

Steven wheezed badly once with platelets, but never any pain. I'm so sorry that happened to her.

But you're home, and in time for Valentine's Day.

It's pretty miraculous when I think of it.

Keep her well now, there's some nasty flu going around.