Wednesday, February 13


Today we had to go to CHLA for labs. Reginas counts tripled since yesterday. Her platelets were over 111 000 ( highest ever) and her hemoglobin was also on rise . Her ANC was around 7000- Wohoo!! Awesome. She does not have C-diff anymore.

While we were waiting for lab results, we spent time in playroom, where Sunshine kids was taking pics of kids and decorating hearts :) IT was fun:).

We are going back to CHLA on friday. One professional photographer volunteers his/her time and takes pics of CHLA onco families and does it for free. So we I signed us up and we are going to get our family pic taken. :)

Then on next tuesday we have late night mri ( 7.30). I am nervous about it. I should not be, because I know in my heart Regina is fine, but I can't help it.

Our last few days in CHLA we shared room with 12 year old Valerie. She has been CHLA patient for 3 weeks. Her case is very rare. She has cancer in 3 places in her body- In her lungs, in her thigh and in her spine. Doctors do not know that it is some kind of gland cancer, but they do not know where it is originated. Valeries parents are devastated because they want to start Chemo, but doctors do not give then any treatment plan options. She is getting radiation therapy, but it does not help much. She is constant pain and she has to push her pain medication button every 30 minutes. :( She had 6 biopsies so far, but doctors have no idea what kind of cancer she has.
Regina and valerie had long conversations about "life" and friends, and we were sad to see her suffer. Just send some positive thoughts to her way. :)


Kathy said...

I will pray for Valerie and her family.

Regina's looking great. I assume she'll be making it to school tomorrow like she wanted?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Eunice said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Regina and family, I am so glad your counts are climbling. I will pray for your friend Valerie as I continue to pray for you. Enjoy your celebrations today. You are an awesome young lady!

Patty said...

Happy Valentine's Day to Regina, Mom, Dad & Gabriel. Hope all goes well.