Wednesday, April 29

We were "forced" to go to CHLA today. Sadly, ( yup, crying here), our insurance does not authorize anymore home blood draws. :(:(:(:(: Well, F you BLUE CROSS . YOU SUCK. BUT That is not it.... Since REginas neurosurgeon Dr. Loudon is OUT OF NETWORK doctor. our deductible is 20 000 plus whatever dr. decides to charge us : () GOT a just love this . SO if you have lot of money hanging around, or know any great foundations who can help with deductibles let us know. WE NEED all the help we can get.

SO, back to labs. REginas platelets had dropped again. Barbara ( our care manager) wasn't very eager to give REgina transfusion- I get it, REgina had few horrible experiences, and if immune system is down, platelets get eaten fast by Reginas marrow or whatever..
BUT SHE NEEDED them. SHe has been sleeping and taking 4 hour naps, not eating , feeling tired and down. After this transfusion she was BACK :) At home she finally ate more than usual again..

Also, guess what. You never guess...... PARIS HILTON visited CHLA today. YUP. SHe was all pretty , wearing HIGH heals, pretty spring dress, with her perfect hair, and perfect fuckin' skin and perfect poses... UGH...... SHE IS SO MUCH PRETTIER IN PERSON... SHe was beading with cancer kids today- FOR ALMOST 3 hours. She did good. I give her Credit for doing this. But of course, she had to leave whole box of her "brand" stuff . So pretty much this trip was promoting her stuff. Since REgina really did not care much for her, we left play area and went back to her bed... But then one ( our fave Nurse) told us to check out play area because they have some "free" stuff .. SO I RAN to play area, but of course, I got leftovers ;) Just Paris Hilton watch and later on nurses brought belt for REgina :)

We are going back to CHLA on Monday for labs and on Thursday for labs.:)
ON friday , May 8th I will turn 31 years old.... AAAHHHHHH


Anonymous said...

wow - makes me think differently about Paris. Even tho she was pushing products... which that seems like an odd place to do so. but whatever.

glad you are seeing improvements. wish i had money to donate, right now all i can do is think positive thoughts for you.

I am 33 with 2 girls. I cannot imagine dealing with what you are at 30/31... and even before that. you are amazing. i mean that.

take care... xoxo-tiffani

Dyme said...

I'm with Regina Paris is just awight..........I love to see Regina smile.

KMGheno said...

Paris has nothing on you, here is wishing you a happy happy. Odd, seems like the second we have these knuckees we cease to have B-days. I willne thinking thinking of YOU especially this week. Take care of you & yours. Warm thoughts, always. Ghenos