Monday, April 27


Poor REgina. She is little down again. She has been tired all weekend along. On Friday we had her labs drawn in our house. Sadly, her platelets were low again, but since it was too late, we did not go to CHLA. I just called them and let them know what was going on. Dr. Dhall asked us to monitor Regina and get labs drawn today again :(... Todays labs were much worse than On friday. Platelets 35 000 and white count 1,1.. Not sure WHy it is dropping again. I just hope that REgina is not getting sick.
Anyway, we are going to CHLA tomorrow ( tuesday) for platelet transfusion. Hope it goes smoothly. NICK is Back in Asia. FUN. SOmething always happens when he is away. ALWAYS. I guess REgina is just misses him like Crazy and that makes her sick :(

Gabriel has STAR(

Standardized Testing and Reporting

testing done this week. Serious stuff. He has been studing hard, Reading, reviewing, printing out some papers to do more reviews:) Hope he scores high:) I know he does :) Thankfully there is no extra homework this week. Just 20 minutes of Reading, reviewing important study materials and lots of rest. OF course 30 minutes of piano also per day..:)
That's about it. If you are in LA area tomorrow, come and visit us in CHLA 5th floor, outpatient tower- Day hospital. We will be there from 9 am till 4 pmish :)


Patty said...

Hope Regina's counts all start to come back up again and she isn't catching something you don't want her to have.

Our Granddaughter is having testing this week also, something about the state testing requirements. They tested about four hours on Monday and she'll have four more hours tomorrow (Wed.) I guess it's to see how much they have learned this year. She's in the third grade, she just turned 9 in March.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you today. i hope things are looking up.