Saturday, April 11

O dramzzz

On Friday we went to CHLA for labs and platelets and vincristine. Reginas blood counts are low and she did need platelets. Since in past she had allergic reactions to platelets , she was pre medicated with benadryl, tylenol and steroids. After 40 minute platelet transfusion Regina sat up and i noticed HUUUUGEEEE bump on her forehead like she has fallen down and hit her head, and it was little bluish. Reginas nurse was just finishig flushing Reginas broviac line and said that it does not look like allergic reaction and AM I sure that it was not there. OF COURSE I was sure. I stare at Reginas head like hawk 24/7 and know every little change that there is. So Regina sat up and started scratching herself. OH boy she had one more bad reaction to platelets, and this time it was quite severe. All over her body. So dr. came in and gave her more meds and in 40 min. her body was almost clear.
BUT what worried us was that bump on her forehead. Dr. Called Oncologist ( dr Dhall and finlay were not present, so some new dr. WHO NEVER SAW us before and had no idea what was going on came to see her). For my like he was little to "angry" and tough, plus, I did not like his handshake- very limp and not confident. DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL.
I tryed to explane him that , Regna had those "bumps" before and it is most likely fluids leaking and causing those bumps, and it is ok, and it will go away.. BUT he DID NOT givE UP. HE made me call neurosuregy office and did not leave before I made phonecall and told them what is up.. ( I UNDERSTAND HE WAS WORRIED), but he ignored my explanation completely... whatever.... I was worried to since that bump was hard this time, and not soft...
SO I MADE APPOINTMENT TO SEE DR . Muhonen on tuesday. BUT I had a urge to call them back later and tell them - YOU know what, never mind, I just did it to please doctor. REGINA IS FINE AND HER BUMP is almost gone.
her bump now is completely gone and most likely since her blood pressure rised, and she was down during this platelet transfusion, fluids found a tiny hole and escaped...

She is feeling good right now. :)

PS. My laundry mashine broke middle of full load. I HAD TO HAND squeeze water out of all my clothes ( OH MY EFFIN' gawd).

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Anonymous said...

Sorry 'bout your washer...they never die at the end of a cycle, it's always when there's a huge pile of wet stuff in it.
I understand your frustration with the new oncologist not trusting your opinion. Sometimes I think we parents should have cards that let us be able to "out-vote" new doctors ....kind of like a get out of jail free card in Monopoly They're our kids and we know them best. We had one guy one night about three AM who wanted to send Alix for a CT scan when I knew it was just her reaction to one of her meds. All I could think was "let her go back to sleep, you idiot. It's her meds"--he won, by the way.
Glad things are going well.