Sunday, April 12

MadLibs- Angry letter to Santa....

gabriel is into MadLibs and we bought full version for iPhone. Here is his latest story.

Santa. Or should I call you ugly stupid St. Diana. All I asked for this year was an plane, and what did you give me? You gave me a tree. What didi I do wrong? I was a good boy, I cleaned the tea off of the floor when I spilled it. I scrubbed the sugar off of the shower walls when I was asked to. I even kissed my sister when my parents went out. My parents got me a lousy toilet for my birthday., So I figured I could count on you on Christmas. I guess I was wrong, just so you know I was up all night baking those macaroni cookies for you to eat. I laid the out on plate with an ice cold glass of water beside them and go figure- you ate the cookies but you gave me a stinky presents anyway. Next year I ope your clean mean ass gets stuck coming down the chimney because as soon as I hear that happened I'm going to start a fire. And oh yeah, tellyour octupus to be prepeared too
Sincerely your lovely pal,Gabiel.

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Jinsong TAN said...

How beautiful Regina is!
How handsome Gabriel is!
I love them!