Wednesday, April 1


CHLA has no beds available righ now. LET'S hope that tomorrow is better day :)
Regina has been steroid free now for 4 days. SHE IS sleepier that usual. Today she took 4 hour nap, and then wanted to go to bed 6PM. I just hope it's not tumors growing and making her sleepier. Also her appetite is back to somewhat normal. Not eating as much as before, but STILL eating enough- NORMAL enough.

Myself I went to see my "vein" doctor. Dr Lane. I have some giant varicose veins on my left leg, and they are getting worse. Well, Dr Lane thinks that only combination of laser surgery and stripping will work, and I am good candidate for it. SO in about 3 weeks I will get better looking left leg, and can finally wear mini skirt without compression stocking :). Also, since varicose eins are considered "cosmetic" procedure, Insurances usually do not want to cover it. HOPe that they cover at least some portion of it. :)

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Anonymous said...

thinking of you this morning. hoping all is as well as can be and your day is great.