Sunday, April 19

Poor Baby :(

Last week Regina had life threatening reaction to platelets. Before transfusion she was given all necessary pre med( benadryl, tylenol and steroids). First 15 minutes were fine. She did great. Watched her movie - Cinderella this time. Suddenly she raised her arm and asked me- MOMMY, SOMETHING IS WRONG, what is wrong with my hand. I rushed over and noticed that she had huge raised pumps, lines on her hand. I ran over to nurses station and informed them what was going on. Suddenly room was full of nurses, doctors mashines ... Suddenly her head, cheeks, ears, legs, tummy were covered and swollen. She was given shot of epinephrine. Poor Regina . I was scared, really really scared. After receiving epinephrine things started getting better. HIVES and swelling dissapeared as suddenly as it appeared. By then she was exchausted and fell asleep.:(

That was her 3d reaction to platelets in a row. We are not really sure what can be done to give her platelets because next time could be fatal. her body has strong antibodies and is rejecting others. I was told that there is way- they have to do it without preservatives( platelets). It will take longer to get them and they will last in Regina for a shorter period of time.
But I am still scared.... Most of you will ask WHY she had reaction, because she had platelets SO MANY TIMES before.. WELL, that is good enough reason. Reginas body says - NO MORE CRAP. I am done

Right now she is doing good. it is sunday I know her platelet count is very low because she has tiny purple dots on her legs,and her gums are bleeding a little :( Keep her in your thoughs tonight. We are going to CHLA tomorrow morning for labs ((())))


Anonymous said...

We think about you every day and send our best wishes for no more bad reactions to treatment. Hoping to see you soon.
Beth and Heather

Jinsong TAN said...

We miss Regina very much! Best wishes for her!

Colleen said...

sending love,postive thoughts and prayers to Regina. :)