Tuesday, April 14

Long day In CHLA

Today was super long day in CHLA. Monday morning we had option care nurse come and draw REginas labs. By 4 PM I FINALLY got her lab results and noticed that her hemoglobin count was low ( 7,9 ), usually she gets blood transfusion when it falls below 8. Also, her platelets were low side, but still stable, so no problem there. So I called in to Day Hospital in CHLA and scheduled Blood transfusion . We arrived to CHLA 9.30 AM and got back home 6 pm. Blood transfusion lasted 4 hours , before that pre meds- Benadryl, tylenol and steroids to prevent allergic reaction. :) After Receiving Benadryl Regina fell asleep right away :) she needs more sleep. She is not the best night sleeper at this moment. Wakes up and talks to us and is all lovey dovey :)

Also, her apetite is not present at all. SHE is hardly EATING anything solid :( She drinks lot of milk, but eating... EEHHH. Hope that her counts recover fast and she starts feeling better soon again.
My house is complete mess right now. I CAN't find strength to organise or clean. I do my minor here and ther's but that is about it. I don't feel like doing much these days at all :((:( I know soon I will be better, but when Regina is down I am down.
We have Option Care nurse come inn tomorrow again.

PS. I just saw a tiny preview on TV about My Sisters Keeper, and seems like ET ( entertainment Tonight) will be talking about it tomorrow ( wednesday). :):):):):)

LUV to you all :)



Jinsong TAN said...

Thank you all! Take good care of yourself!

Colleen said...

Just wanted to check in to let you know we are here and thinking of Regina all the time. She is amazing and keeps going and going. A true inspiration. You are as well and I know how hard this can be. Enjoy each day.
We pray each night for her continued healing and recovery

XO- Colleen & Ellie

Patty said...

I'll have to watch ET this evening. Hope Regina's appetite snaps back soon.