Monday, April 6


Regina this around is very different from last round of Chemo. Since she only got 1/2the dose of Cisplatin, she is doing MUCH better. last time she was throwing up ( week straight), not eating not drinking not doing anything at all. she was dehydrated 3 days after chemo and was doing Horrible overall.
BUT this time, She has not throw up ONCE since chemo. WOHOOO. SHE is snacking all through the day, ( I am not forcing her to eat). IF she is ready , she will eat. AND if she gets dehydrated there is ER right around the corner. SHE is drinking lots and lots of milk. Today she even walked upstairs BY herself couple of times and played with Gabriel. :) Very good girl:)
We had Option Care nurse come in today to draw her labs, BUT in some weird way nobody faxed me results yet. ( it is 8.15 pm). I know she is still fine, but I am still curious to find out where are we at right now.

We are going to CHLA on Friday, since I am afraid that her platelets will be down by then and I better go to the source right away, instead of waiting till 2 pm, then driving to CHLA and then waiting another few hours.. .:

Gabriel has Spring break right now. I feel so bad, because we can't really take him anywhere:(. It would be so nice to drive to Palm springs, or Northern CA, but we cant :( . Nick is going to take him to Dave and Busters on Wednesday for some games and food :) Gabriel loves dave and Busters :) he also wants to go to Legoland ( BUT only because he could buy more legos .. Weirdo :)
That's about it. :)

OH. How could I forget.
Past 2 weeks we got dinners delivered to our house. THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOu have no idea how helpful you guys have been. EVEN THOUGH I LOVE cooking. It is one of my favorite times of day. I needed break from it. :) WE all enjoyed great pasta dishes, FISH, wine, and desserts.:). You guys are truly amazing. ( tissue time ).
Also, I want to thank you for gift cards to Chilis/macaroni grill). ( Even though these restaurants were voted top 10 unhealthiest restaurants to eating.) WE LOVE THEM. WE LOVE CHILIS and Macaroni GRILL. ( myself, I more into drinks there wink wink. ;) .

I hope that Regina keeps improving and things start getting better from now on. Thank you for your continuous support and kind words :)


Anonymous said...

what wonderdul news! thank you for the updates... hugs to the family!

Terri said...

Awesome to hear she is doing so well with this round of chemo!!

Patty said...

So happy to hear she is doing well. Sending hugs to the whole family.

Shelley said...

you are so funny...always being so honest at the same time!! i read that about the restaurants as well and was just talking to my girlfriend about it today! didn't they get a D rating! and i thought it was fairly healthy when i created my own pasta dishes! well, maybe those dishes didn't earn them the D rating!! the dinners were so thoughtful. so glad you have some special angels in your lives right now! hope regina continues to get good news and feels great despite all the medicine she must take to fight the beast!!
Hugs from San Diego!!