Monday, January 12

Regina says thank you to all of her classmates who sent her awesome letters and cards. She also misses everybody and can't wait to be back In school:):)::):):)

Regina is scheduled to have surgery 10.30 am . Surgery is to remvove tumor that was left behind due to"technical difficulties.

Feel free to visit her anytime after Tuesday. She misses seeing her friends and is sad that she cant play with them now:(

She is still pretty weak and in pain but lot of her problems are due to her medications.Antiseizure meds steroids,painkillers-they all come with side effects and it is really hard to figure out what causes what.she sleeps most of days and nights because of her meds and is really weak because she has nor shown any real interest for food. Myself I am doing ok. It is tought To see my little girl like this, but she will be ok soon:)
Thank you for your continuing prayers and get well thoughts:)


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Regina, your family, and her surgeons. God bless you all!
Linda Cardwell

Steph said...

Thinking of you!