Thursday, January 29

Gamma knife

Today started 7 AM. I took Regina to Hoag( newport Beach), gamma knife center. Facility is new and has newest technology in. LOT OF WIRELESS equipment like heartrate monitors, and oxygen monitors etc. MRI is latest model. and so on.
Reginas day started out good. She was given mild sedation so that Dr. Loudon and crew could mount her light weight titanium head frame. After sedation 4 spots on her head were injected with extra sedative, to make sure it does not hurt when they mount headframe on her. IT is screwed ligtly to her scull, and headframe is needed FOR making sure , she stays completely still during GAMMA knife radiation. After that she was wheeled to MRI room, and after that straight to Gamma knife room. Gamma knife lasted for 1hour and 30 minutes since she had again "tiny Relapse" and more tumor had to be radiated. SHE stayed awake during gamma knife, and listened madonna music and after that Jewel. .
By tiny relapse I mean- One tumor, close to her brain stem has a mind of a monster, and decided to spread a little --- Like multiply 3 times... So because of this, dr Loudon had to spread radiation to those stupid baby tumors :(..

After gamma was done, I was told how amazed they are with regina. Such a trooper :)

AND NOW, THE MOST PAINFUL PART- removal of Gamma knife titanium frame.. Nurse had to drill out screws and that hurt.:( after removal of left frontal screw, regina started leaking fluids. AND after 10 minutes she was still leaking them out of her spot. So nurse applied pressure bandaid to her insision, and we drowe to Dr Loudons office in Santa Ana. He stiched that tiny hole together, and we were done.
Dr Loudon Spoiled Regina with some special gifts :) Regina got cupcake making set, and "toy" dough blender :)
Right now Regina is home, Eating her first meal of today, smiling, and is really exited that today is almost over :)

Dr. Loudon is one amazing man :) I can't believe that he did what he did and REgina is still here after such a major surgery. Dr Loudon told us that THIS IS MOST amazing thing he has done for a while. AND he should be very impressed with his own work :)

TOMORROW, Friday- We are going to CHLA to see Dr. Dhall because we HAVE TO start chemo RIGHT AWAY. those tumors have mind of their own.... and we have to stop them.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing day! Way to go Regina and Diana. Thank you Dr. Loudon.

Love and Hugs,
Beth and Heather

GraceBeading said...

I have been following your blog for awhile and have never commented. It seems mere words are inadequate to express my admiration for such a brave little girl. I find myself literally pressing my hand to my mouth as I follow your words.

I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts for good health and a treatment program that is not too hard on your little girl.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and continue to read along as you post.


Kathy said...

Who would have thought that such a dimunitive frame could hold so much courage?

She's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Kallis Diana, Regina, Gabriel ja Nick!

Loen ka hinge kinni pidades iga kord Sinu postitusi ja usun ja tean et koik laheb ainult paremaks. Regina oma tugevusega on toeline IME! Parimad tervitused teile, hoian poialt iga sekund teile kuni TAIELIKU paranemiseni!!
Kristina ja Hanna

colleen said...

Wow - what a day and what a girl you have there. She is amazing and we will pray that this gamma knife, the radiation and the upcoming chemo will finally be it and that this cancer will not grow back ever again. I realized while looking at the MRI that Ellie and Regina share a birthday. Ellie was born 9-19-02. How interesting that they have THIS much in common. They share a birthday and the same type of rare brain cancer. They will both beat this.
All our love- Colleen & Ellie

Anonymous said...

Tore lugeda et Regina op labi sai ja koik nii hasti laks. Ilusat paranemist kallis Regina!!!!

Anonymous said...

Toepoolest, what a fighter Regina is, really! We all are sending Regina and your entire family positive thoughts your way every single day. :)
The Cutlers from Chciago

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that Regina is past one more step of the treatment plan. She is such a strong and brave girl, and I admire your quest to get her the best treatments available. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Gayle Steuckrath