Saturday, January 17

:D Doing good:)

Today has been day full of unpleasant surprises.
MRI was postponed due to lack of anesthesiologist. So now MRI is scheduled to be on January 15th, 12.15.
Then morning X ray revealed that Reginas lung collapsed. Chest tube was put in to drain excess air. Tube will be left in for few days. IF they still see air leaking tomorrow, then they will contact “lung Doctor” to see what is causing this. ALSO they think that reason why she I leaking air, is because of injury during broviac line placement surgery . IF something goes well, there are few things that always go wrong.

Regina herself is peacefully resting. She has her breathing tube in , Hooked up with numerous monitors. She got blood transfusion today because her hemoglobin was low ( 7,6) LOW. Tomorrow she will get NG tube in for nutritional purposes. She has not eaten for days, and I thought it is a great idea to give her some kind of nutrition. SHE needs food to recover.
I want to thank you all for continued support and get well thoughts.

Another touchy subject I want to talk about. I don’t pray. I have faith and I have hope, and I feel best way to cope with things is to believe in things that matter most- Love, friends, letting it out once in a while, sharing Reginas story with world, being happy and sad same time. I appreciate your “prayers”, but I do not turn to “god in Hope that he is our fix. I know for some of you I sound absurd, but hey… We all are different and have right to believe in what we want to believe in. And I don’t appreciate if somebody wants to change that about us, pushing their beliefs that GOD is only right way.

AND you know what--- If there was god… IT better hide, because I’d be really angry at IT.… Reason is well known for all of us.

Anyway. Lets just hope that Regina recovers fast. Lungs, brain, central line, strength…. LOT of things that need to be rebooted…..


January 16th.

Regina woke up on Thursday around 3 PM. After she was weaned from paralytics. Scary feeling. You can feel things, but you can’t move. So nurses had to monitor her heart rate to see when she was waking, and any signs of pain. The moment they saw her heart rate and blood pressure rise, they gave her extra dose of painkillers.

Se woke up happy and ready to play  Her voice is still very quiet due to ventilator being in her throat for few days. But it will come back to her.

She does not complain that her head hurts as often as she did last time.:) She is not as moody as she was after last surgery. And she looks amazing
Last night she came up with some crazy story that here is ocean out there , behind her closed curtains, so I had to open her room curtains to show her that there is no ocean. She kept hearing “ocean “ sounds, but it was just her chest drain making those bubbling sounds . The meanest order she gave me on Thursday night – CLOSE MY CURTAINS, and then SLOWLY walk away… Please…..
It just made me laugh. Her personality is silly 

Now we just have to hang out here few days, till she gets back to normal, and regains some strength. She is still on feeding tube, but since she has not pooped for 8 days ( poor her), her food does not want to stay in her, and she vomits after each feeding session.
I’d vomit to if somebody gave me pediasure… YUCKKKKKKKK

IT is saturday today. Regina is doing much better:) They turned off her lung tube....:)


Anonymous said...

Truly amazing family - postive thoughts all the way from Montreal, Quebec

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sending well wishes for little Regina and the family. Wishing only the best for all of you.

KMGheno said...

Amazing - you are doing such a great job under truly unbelievable circumstances. I've signed that very same release form for the line placement and the risks always seem so secondary... I'm really pleased, shes doing so well. Go Regina, go! Much love and good juju!

Kathy said...

So happy to hear the lung is OK without the chest tube--

She's amazing.

As for prayers, good thoughts, I look at it as all good, it's all positive energy.

I hope you get out of there while the weather is still good-- while it's good weather for Disneyland :-)

Anonymous said...

you are doing an amazing job with Regina!!!! Keep going!!!! She needs your amazing energy to feel better!!!!!!

colleen said...

Glad to hear Regina is doing well. She will get through this. I know that religion can be a touchy subject. Let me tell you, I was pretty much an aethiest in 2007. I was a good person and lead a morally upheld life. I had asked for years to have proof that God existed and I never had any. So I decided that it would be OK not to believe in heaven and God and afterlife. I thought that when you died, you were like a light being turned off.

My dad passed 1.25.08. Before I learned of his death, he came to me in a dream. It was so vivid and real and I never had a dream like that before. Shortly after I woke up I learned he died. I had a peace that he was OK. I knew then there was more to life. Then in April, Ellie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As you know, your life turns upside down. The fear, the concern, the worry. From day one, we have prayed and I asked God to heal her as did thousands of others. I have seen signs from God and my father that are too real to deny. Ellie has done so well and I know in my heart that God is there. God did not give Ellie a tumor nor did he give one to Regina. The devil did. God would never hurt us. I am not trying to sway you at all, well, I guess I am a little. I just want you to know that my life has changed so much in one year and I feel better than I have - I have peace. Peace is the best feeling ever and I thank God for giving it to me and helping us get through the toughest times during treatment. I hope you aren't mad at me for sharing all this. I just felt I needed to say it since I was not big on God just 14 months ago either. We will continue to pray for Regina that she recovers fully and all the tumors are gone or will be gone. I promise not to mention it again but if you ever want to talk or ask me about our experience, I would love to tell it to you.

Parisa said...

There is not a day that I don't think of you guys! stick to your faith and hope you and miss you!..wish I was there to give you a big Hug:)