Tuesday, January 20

Regina is doing good. Chest tube is turned on again, because she was leaking some air. Today’s x ray showed that lung had expanded again and is functioning fine. Tomorrow they will turn her chest tube OFF again, to see if her lung remains healthy and self fixed itself. IF not, then they have to take her tube out and put new one in… NOT FUN. PAINFUL.

Today was another milestone for Regina- After 14 days of laying down, she took few steps without any help. JJJJ SHE IS VERY WEAK and even 3 steps for her is challenge and exchausting thing to do J BUT she did it. SHE is getting better.
She also had finally some REAL FOOD--- ONE nice piece of chicken JJJ YUMMMO.
She got her last dose of steroids on Sunday night. NO more steroids. I hope her brain likes it this way. J

01/20-- REgina took LONG 15 minute slow walk in CHOC hallways:)


Anonymous said...

We miss you Regina! Get better soon!
Mrs. Cardwell

KMGheno said...

Doing great Regina - and thank you Diana for keeping us posted. Gianni and Bruno send BIG FAT kisses (some are even chocolate)! Sending good wishes your way every single day. We are so proud of you. XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Get well wishes, love, and hugs from Beth and Heather. Looking forward to our next playdate. Hurry home.

Terri said...

Way to go Regina!!

And Mommy!!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Congratulations Regina. Sounds like you're doing great. Keep up the good work. Hope the chest tube can come out soon. My husband said they are painful. He had one inserted Nov. 25th, went home Dec. 2nd. and the silly old lung collapsed again on Dec. 12th, back he went, and he got home Dec. 19th. They pout something over his lung by blowing it into the chest tube to coat the lung. The second time they did the procedure two times, wanted to make sure it is covered good. I covers the blebs he has on his lungs that burst and cause it to collapse

Hang in there, get completely better really, really soon. Sending my love to you.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see her walking, even for 15 minutes. Get better soon Regina, my prayer is always with you.

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear she's getting better! We miss her!
-Betina and all