Saturday, January 24


We are home :) Regina is resting on sofa and watching tv :)


Anonymous said...

YIPEEE. I have been watching every day. I am so glad. I am praying for her quick recovery.
Carolynn in Virginia

KMGheno said...

Must feel so good. Get some rest, big love being sent your way = )

Kathy said...

I am soI can't believe it turned out to be almost 3 whole weeks in the hospital.

So, one surgery turned into two surgeries and two collapsed lungs.

Now that was a little more drama than anyone wanted.

I am so very glad that y'all are home. Time for some sleep and a hot bath

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Welcome home Regina and Mommy. Now for the whole family to get some much needed rest.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Rest up and let us know when we can visit. We've really missed you and have been waiting for your return.

Beth and Heather