Wednesday, August 25


Itching stopped last night :) GOOD!!!

Today I'm going to see my chyropractor to get one last upper back /neck adjustment. ANd after that I should feel like new person with new back.

Regina continues to do well. I think she gained some weight which is good of course because she will loose lot of the weight during the chemo.

I was just examining her head the other day and I notices a little knot close to her scar. It is under the skin and you can barely notice . But If I touch it I can feel the knot.. I'm not sure if it was there before or it is something new. I'm not sure because whe was wearing a hat or bandanna all the time, and now she is not wearing anything and I notice all sorts of stuff about her head.( scars , discoloration etc) . She is not complaning any pain and she still acts the same but I still wonder what it is.

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