Saturday, August 28

Hot weekend.

Sorry I havent updated for a while. I'm single mom now- Just kidding. My dear Husband went to China for a week to find some good customers who will buy his and his teams creations( dsl microchips, or something like that-I'm to stupid to understand all the stuff he is doing). SO now me, my sister and my 2 lovely kids are trying to do something creative like- ah, I even dont know what. lol

Regina continues to do well. Her hair is growing back REALLY fast. And she is exited about it- of course, she is a girl. Gabriel dont understand why she does not have hair and makes a comment like- REGINA IS A BOY, BECAUSE she has no hair. And guess what , Regina starts crying and is really upset because gabriel called him a boy, and it takes me while to calm her down because she is just that upset about it.
She is eating well, talking and doing other activities well. SHe looks like happy and healhty almost 5 year old. ( sight) Yeah, I wish it was like that- she is happy, but how healthy can she be ? Is child sick when she has cancer? Or not? IF somebody asks what does she have should I say she has brain tumor- but she really does not have it anymore. I told her story many many times- sometimes I feel like everybody knows about her( but they dont know of course) but I really havent thougt about how to adress her " operation PNET" adventure. She is happy and healhty 5 year old with no evidence of cancercells in her since june 4th 2004, and people ( who have no Idea about cancer treatments) get confused because if there is nothing, how can you radiate, and where the medications go and I have even got recomendations like- just wait for a year and see if it comes back- WHAT??? WAIT, and make her go through the same thing again. Sorry, I get ragy about comments like that. Better say, oh, I'm sorry, I dont know what to say, or explane it to me better , so I could understand what her type of Tumor really means. But really, I have gotten some pretty grazy suggestions from people I better not mention. :)

Ok that is it from me today. I'm going to scrapbook today again. I have so many pics and so little time. And I'm starting to run out of supplys.


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