Sunday, August 29

My vision

I have this vision- woman whose daughter is undergoing treatments to make her Cancer free s writing something. She is writing all day and most of the night. She continues writing even though she feels tired. She write and writes and write- nothing seems right, words just don’t rhyme. She looks at her kids sleeping and suddenly something occurs to her. She starts writing again and when she is finished , she falls asleep on the table- just next to her creation.

While she is writing that something all sorts of thoughts swirl in her head. In her vision she sees birth of her kids, first everythings- steps, laughs, sleepless nights. She sees how they grow up and go to preschool and then it stops. She starts crying but keeps writing- suddenly all she sees is hospitals and sick kids. She sees the day her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Her thoughts jump from one even to another. She sees her daughter reveiving radiation/ chemo treatments. She sees parents waiting in waiting areas, hugging theyr kids, crying . She sees hope, she sees desperation and depression. But despite all the heart braking sadness she sees a light that gives her hope that her daughter will survive. She sees people reaching for her and wanting to help and she sees how her daughter day buy day feels better with her ups and downs. She is still not sure what future brings, but she realeyes that she has to live one day at a time and not worry about tomorrow because she does not know what tomorrow brings. But she still has this dream of better and happier tomorrow . And the tomorrow brings nothing but laughter and love.

She wrote a song but how can she make the world to hear what she has to say??? She has lot to say but world is full of people who all have to say something and one more just makes it even more difficult

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