Monday, August 30

One more week

One more week and we have to say good buy to our sweet home for 5 months. Hope is there and our expectations are high. We BELIVE that cure is there and we give our best to stay positive, but the same time we are prepearing ourselves for the worst. I know, We have to live one day at a time, but facts are there . She is not the only PNET case. BUT she is the BEST CONDITION PNET case I have seen so far. And I hope she will stay that. :) Stay strong girl. You need to stay strong for youself. :)

I want to take a moment and thank all my good friends who have been praing for her/us. It really means lot to us. I'm really sorry I havent sent thank you notes for you. But know, your cards, gifts, letters brought joy to Regina. Thank you.

Kathleen: Thank you for being such a great support. You really suppyed us with the best information available, and gave me great links about memphis. I hope your son continues to do well. :)

On a different note. My headaces are back. And this time stronger than ever. My CT scan result came back normal. There is nothing wrong with me. My knees are hurting and have burning feeling, my body feels hot all over, but I have no fever and those headaces just will not leave me alone. I got some meds, but they are not working. I had full physical done. EVERYTHING is fine- I mean everything. There is nothing wrong with me. But there is SOMETHING going on. Something that doctors can not catch. And I'm starting to get worried. They are giving me meds, but for what? To get rid of pain? But why do I have pain. There must be logical explanation for what is going on. But until then I just keep hoping it does not get worse. We don't need more problems now.


Honey- Please come home soon. I miss you. :)

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