Thursday, August 19

Hard morning.

I went to doc's office today to make appointment to get full physical. Scheduler told me that they dont have anything before september 8th, which is the day I go back to Memphis. SO right there, in front of that scheduling table I started crying. I started telling her why I need apointment sooner and what is going on with Regina and I cryed. I felt bad crying but I could not stop. She understood and told me that it is ok to cry and she made apointment for me on Monday. She rescheduled somebody elses apointment. Thanks . It really means lot to me.
I feel better now but still feel like crying. :(

Regina is coloring now. She has taped the pictures she colors on the family room wall. And I allowed her to do that. What a good mom I am. And she is getting really good at coloring and drawing pics. She draws like 7 year old. Details, details, details. And she is a great copy cat. What ever you draw she can draw. She is our little artist.

Gabriel is in daycare now. I want to spend more time with him, but the same time but I just feel too tired to play or do other activities with them. I love my kids and husband and I hope they forgive me for me wanting to be alone now for a while :(

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