Saturday, August 21


For a week now Regina is being really good about not wearing bandana or hat or scarf to cover her scar. She said it is much better without hat. :) It took some time but she did it and I'm really proud of it. Before she even slept with hat on because she was afraid people think she has ugly head. :(

Today my husband wanted to take Regina to Ikea. Regina dressed up and was ready to go. BUT then My DH said that REgina Has to wear a hat or something, othervise he will not go to Ikea to have lunch with her. Regina was about to cry, because she did not want to wear anything and it took me 20 minutesto make her wear bandana. I was about to cry because I saw that Regina started to get frustrated and did NOT want to wear anything. Then my dh got mad at me because I did not force regina to wear hat. What is his problem . Who really cares what people think. His whole thing is about people get grossd out when they see her scar. I DONT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK. Regina is our daughter and anything else is BS. If she wants to scream I LET HER, if she wants to eat something I dont have at home I GO OUT AND GET FOR HER. If she does not want to wear had- SO WHAT. SHe has the cutest bold head and looks good without hair.
So Honey- get over your fears and let Regina live normal life. I don't want her to have complexes because she HAS TO WEAR A HAT everytime she goes out.
I love you sweety( dh). But it is not always about you.

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