Tuesday, August 24

Our stay here in CA is almost over.

We got a call from Linda in Memphis and she said that Regina has apointment on Sept 8th, whick means we have to fly back on 7th instead of 8th. I dont understand why did they have to schedule her on 8th. And it is afternoon apointment with Dr Gajjar. I told Regina that we have to get back soon and she was about to start crying because she is not ready to leave. :(

I had CT scan today. Nothing to worry about. I had really bad headaces because of stress and my doctor told me to get a scan because it'll give me some piece of mind that I'm ok. I know I'm fine, but those headaces.... everything about heads makes me shiver.

Edited to add: It is 4 hours after CT scan and I am itching all over my body. I'm thinking it is maybe because of nerves, but it could be hives. During CT scan I was not nervous but while it happened I felt this awful heat waves attacking me from head to toe. It was very weird feeling. I just hope itching will stop.

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