Tuesday, August 10

No more coffee, no more tea...

While in Memphis I started drinking coffee to keep me awake when needed. I had some health problems in past and my doc was strongly against me usinc caffein( sp?). Sorry doc, I had to.
But now I have been caf. free for 3 days and headaces I got are horrible. I had to stop drinking because instead of making me awake and aleart , coffee made me sleepy and crupmpy and irritable. I really liked the taste of coffee, but I had to stop because of my organism did not tolerate coffein. :( By, by. Now , I have to find a way to get on track with my eating. Food just tastes too good. Nuts, trail mixes, chips- JUNK tastes good. I still eat my healty food, but I overeat and I snack a lot. :( My jeans are allready to tight and I hate it. :( . I started exersising again- not as much as before but I do my 30 minutes of cardio every day. But better that than nothing.

Regina keeps doing great. She really wants to go to back to school, but with all those germs I would not risk , not even for a day. I dont want her to have fever or cold or whatever illness because if she gets something we have to go to back to hospital. :( WE dont want that.

Gabriel is sweetheart. He has cutest smiles and he gives best kisses and hugs in the whole world. I'm so sorry sweety that I have to go away from you again. :(

My husband is also doing great. He is great help around the house and I'm really proud of him. He is a great parent.

My sister misses parting and friends in back home. Her b-day is in August 13th. I'm planning taking her to restaurant and night club after that. We'll see. FRIDAY and 13th. No good can come out ot it... lets just wait and seeeee.

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