Sunday, October 18

My Favorite Memories of Regina By Heather Andrini

I have so many happy memories of Regina. On the first day  of preschool I was pretty nervous. Regina was playing in a small group and said "you can play with us". I was really happy inside.
That night when my Mom picked me up from preschool I said," I have a new friend Regina!" After that , my mom says all I talked about every days was Regina. We started having play dates and sleep overs.

SOmething we liked to do was play dress up. We also liked to dance and sing together. We even took hula lessons together.
We had a lot in common. We are both chinese, we love ice cream and we both enjoy collecting webkinz.

Even though Regina was sick, she was always smiling, laughing and happy. Every time I saw Regina I had a blast with her.

We always wen to each other birthday parties, The last time I saw Regina, I sang Happy Birthday to her on her 10th birthday. Regina will be forever  ten and we will be forever friends. I MISS YOU , REGINA.

 Love Heather, 10 years old.


Shelley said...

so glad regina had a very best friend like heather....not everyone is so lucky!!

Rach said...

Aw, how sweet. I agree with the above comment.

Tiffani said...

I always wondered about this little girl that we saw in pics with Regina so often. What a great friend. Must be hard for her too. Thanks for sharing.

I miss Regina.