Wednesday, August 19

Tuesday/wednesday happenings.


Tuesday *8/18* started like any ordinary day. REgina woke up early,took her meds, had breakfast and played computer. Around 11 she wanted to nap. She was feeling good when she laid down for a nap. Myself I made movie plans and went to see Time travellers wife- Loved it. Since there was no reception in movie theater I DID NOT get any messages or text. I don't get it. Julee , seemed to have it, but I did not.. Crap. ANyway.. As I stepped out of theater I heard text message notice... I hurried home and things were pretty crazy. Regina was throwing up, headaches, sleeping, not responding , moaning... Nick crying.... We thought end is near.. We called hospice care and told them what was going on. We put Regina back on steroids... hour later her headaches stopped but she was still sleeping. Around 5 PM she woke up and requested Chilis cheese pizza with french fries:) She did pretty good eating her pizza. SHE has not thrown up since yesterday :) It is still 11 Am, so I am not sure how tonight will look, but yestarday was one big bad nightmare....(Regina treating us with sweet smile after very hard day )

Today Regina has beed good. Her speech is MUCH worse , very blurred and hard to understand, and she is drooling lot more.. Seems like tumors keep growing in pretty fast rate :( Luckily she is not in pain anymore. If pain comes we got some good meds to give her, Hope they take care of her problems.

CANCER SUCKS. Brain tumors suck. It is emotionaly very hard to deal with this kind of situation because one moment she is "about to let go", and then suddenly she is GREAT again, and then worse and then better again. . It is very very very very hard not knowing what happens next. Very confusing.
Keep Regina in your thoughs :)
ps. Thank you Malloy family for dropping by late last night and letting us know you care :) Care package was very much needed.... :)


Kathy said...

Hugs and love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Cancer does, indeed, suck--big time.
Keeping all of you in my thoughts.

Joanna said...

Sending all our love and good thoughts to your family Diana!

Anonymous said...

May Jesus be with your family and especially Regina . My positive thought and prayers are always with your Family.

hani said...

love for Regina. she will be in my prayers all the time.

Patty said...

Sending all my love to Regina and her family. Yes CANCER sucks big time. I know we've had it in our family more than once. Both of my Grandfathers, an uncle, sister-in-law, my sister, and myself (twice). I've been the fortunate one.

I remember Regina every day and ask that things be easy for her and her family. It has to hurt big time to set by and know there isn't anything you can do to stop all of this, except to give her the meds and be there to hug and kiss her. So enjoy each hour with her as a family. All my love.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. My heart hurts for the pain your family is going through.

Amanda said...

Continuing to keep your family in my thoughts ((hugs))

Colleen said...

My heart stopped for a sec reading your update. So up and down, what a roller coaster. I know I never met Regina but I wish I could give her a hug. I hope that doesn't sound weird but she is just so amazing and she has a piece of my heart. I pray for peace for all of you and for Regina to have better days and no pain or anxiety. I love the photo with her beautiful smile.

Thank you for updating during this hard time.

-Colleen & Ellie