Wednesday, August 26


Regina had another alright day. Same morning routine. But she slept all throughout today more than other days. She is still pain free, and was in very good spirits. We visited CHOC today. Yes, labs. Her labs looked pretty good. Platelets were about 63 000 , so we are good :). SHe remained happy and even joked a little with nurses :) Good girl :) On our way home she stayed awake. usually she falls asleep after labs, but she stayed awake this time :)
Tomorrow nothing special planned. I called Hospice and asked when are they coming over and instead of tomorrow they are coming on friday . OK. sure. Friday will be full of visitors. I LIKE IT :)

Gabriel is doing good. Today he was trying to make Regina laugh with his silly jokes and acts. DON'T ask me what he did. I will not tell you. ;)


Dymesha Wheeler said...

As usual sending all of my love to Regina!

Anonymous said...

Diana- Hang in there, you are doing great! Regina learned her strength from you, remember that. My Dad sends his good wishes your way as well. (Mr. Malloy, Steve's Dad and mine and Maire's)
Lot's Of Loving Prayers-

Shelley said...

Yeah, Regina! So glad she was able to entertain everyone this week!! Nice pizze party!! :)