Thursday, August 13


Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers and good thoughts and vibes, and emails and phonecalls and everything else you guys have done. I am sorry that I have not returned all emales and calles , but honestly I just don't have anything else to say. Regina is stable, STILL . SHe is not doing worse, she is not doing better. Still same cute young REgina :)
SInce we have weaned her off steroids she is also eating less, but STILL A LOT :) SHE demands me to bake her foods every day.. AND GUESS, who has to taste everything gazillion times to make sure it tastes right ??? MEEEEE... hehe.. Love my job ;)

We are so fortunate to have so many good people around us caring about REgina :) I know most of you want to help more, but afraid give me a call or drop a note. DOn't be :) If you want to help then drop by and say HI:) Just for few minutes :) I really hate phones I DO . I can't stand phones and small talk. it just drives me grazy.. I LOVE people, but not talking to them on my cell.... srry guys. :( So if you want to contact me text me (949) 290 6958

We had hospice care ( Trinity Kids Hospice care) Only pediatric hospice care center in OC and LA area. LOVE THEM. We haven't signed any papers yet, but next week I will give them phonecall and get things started.

I also cancelled ( AND people helped me cance) whole bunch of appointments- physical therapy, audiology... endocronology, blood draws 3 times a week. SInce REginas labs were PERFECT on tuesday, I want little break from it. So we are going back to CHOC on thursday:).

Also.. Please recommend good CHILD friendly hotels in OC and LA area with POOL, or things for kids to do. I told Nick that we should go to hotel ( since kids LOVE hotels ) and spend a night there. Get a manicure with Regina, pedicure... you know, simple things...


Shelley said...

Diana, Just what I never wanted to read...oh, my heart aches and tears run free for the sweetest, strongest little girl AND mother!! I would love to some time drop by and say hello and bring something light to your lives right now. My mother lives in OC and we visit often. I will be in touch!
Keeping you close in my heart and thoughts. YOU are ONE AMAZING mother and have been there for Regina each and every difficult step of the way. You deserve the biggest award, Diana! So sorry you aren't getting the news you'd most like to hear!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday and think the World of you and Regina -

I would love to visit but I live in Montreal - I am keeping you in my thoughts - Love Debbie

maire said...

Hyatt Regency at Huntington Beach. Nice Spa and pools and waterslide.

merit said...

ohhh, Diana and Regina. My heart is braking reading your blog... I`m so sorry for those news. You are the best mom and your strenght is amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Julie and I met you and your beautiful daughter at Aiden's 1st birthday party at the park. I wish I could say something to ease the pain but the truth is all you can hope for is some peace so that is what I will wish and dream for you and your daughter. CHOC is a phenomenal hospital - unfortunately I know that by experience but it's good to know she has such wonderful care around her. Show her the stars and let her know she will always be right there...a beautiful light in the sky