Thursday, December 4


I have few unanswered emails in my mailbox, that want to know how Regina is doing.

THIS writer is on strike. For a while I just got sick of this whole ordeal .
What should we do, what decision to make, when, how.. ugh ugh.. JUST way to many unaswered questions.

Yesterday we went to see Reginas oncologist Dr Dhall .just a checkup. We were discussing some chemo options and some drugs that they are willing to dry , if we decide not to do surgery. OR if we do surgery, then start some Trials in CHLA ....

Then we contacted St. Jude . I emailed Dr. Gajjar about Regnas situation and he was nice enought to email me back and let me know that he is looking into what is going on in St. Jude. Yesterday he emailed me and told me that they have NEW trial coming up soon. They havent started it yet, but it might benefit Regina. In a meantime we have to get ready with other paperwork..

NOW--- I think because I have opinions from 3 different doctors, I am going grazy. MY mind has to multi task. ALl of us have to multi task .. TO MAKE that ultimate right desison is hard. I have ( we have) to figure it out what is that right desision I have to make in Reginas behalf... UGH... Not a pretty situation.

Also, I am really easily irritable. REALLY easily. So If you talk to me about something and I just blah blah blah blah blahh.. Just ignore me... I really do not have time for BS right now, and small issues just drive me insane. Just be patient with us:)

PS.... Regina is doing good:)


Anonymous said...

Glad to know Regina is doing well,
pray that whatever you and your husband decide , will be the best for Regina.

Terri said...

BIG HUGS to you Diana!

Leah said...

You are amazingly strong and I think what your feeling is normal! I think and pray for Regina and you and DH and Gabriel everyday!!! Continued (((Hugs))) & prayers.