Sunday, December 28


Went to Big Bear today because Regina wanted. Up on top she started crying and told us that her head hurts a lot.( it is 7000 something feet above sea level). So after 30 minute snowplay we started driving back. We took couple of tiny snowstops because the lower we got, better she felt. BUT those snow stops were big mistake. We started driving home 4 PM. WE got home 9 PM. DO YOUR MATH. 100 mile drive took us 4 hours. FUN huh. IT was bumper to bumper drive . UGH.
Anyway, REgina managed to have some fun finally, and now she is in bed and feels great :)
We see Dr Loudon tomorrow to discuss whats up with her scans and most likely schedule REginas Surgery :)


Kathy said...

Altitude changes can definitely cause problems with pressure inside the head.

We're still in Redlands, but driving home tomorrow (hopefully), but maybe driving back up to Orange County later this week.

Let us know when her surgery is.

Terri said...

Very cool that she got to play in the snow!! What a great Mommy you are!!

Anonymous said...

that girl is such an inspiration to all. she is a hero!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

So happy she had some fun with the family. Good luck at the doctor's and getting things scheduled.