Tuesday, December 16


WE are going to CHOC tomorrow 6am. Regina has Preop MRI under sedation, and then she will be wheeled directly to operation room, where they do biopsies. After that we stay to short stay area, wherever that is.

PS. Keep your fingers crossed. REgina has cold right now. WE did get preop clearance from her pediatrician, but anesthesiologist will be the one who makes a last call IF Regina is set for OP.

I am nervous.. scared and stressed. AS much as they tell us that it is"minor and safe" procedure, I don't care. THEY insert needle into her tumors and suck out some samples... AND it is done by computers. SO, computers will pretty much cut her"stuff" out, and doctors just HIGH FIVE next to computers... OK..

WE are going to CHOC right now to get Reginas labs done.:):):):):)

Talk to you tomorrow or on friday after surgery.



Anonymous said...

hoian poialt homseks!!!kyll koik hasti laheb!!!
Olge tugevad!!!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Best of luck, keeping fingers crossed and prayers going heavenward.

Terri said...

BIG HUGS Diana! You're in my thoughts & prayers.

Anonymous said...

We keep our fingers crossed! Regina is a trooper! We are thinking of you all. :) Big Hugs,
The Cutlers