Wednesday, December 17

Regina is doing good

(seconds after she woke up)

She did very well today. Pre surgery MRI was short only 15 minutes and AGAIN, everybody was amazed how well Regina follows directions. SHE WAS sick, coughing and runny nose - but during 15 Minute MRI she did not cough at all.:)
( View from our 6th floor window- PICU)

After that she was wheeled to surgery that lasted about an hour.. IT was scheduled to be 2 hours, but I guess her case was not as hard as dr thought. After surgery Doctor Loudon walked into short stay unit waiting area with a big confident smile - I thought that he was there to tell us that Regina is going to be operated next.. BUT no, He told us that REGINA IS DONE, and everything went GREAT:) HE is very exited and enthusiastic about Reginas upcoming surgery. HE thinks that it is "not Right" to give up now. And he is amazed about reginas mental state and physical state.:)

Right now Regina is Resting in CHOC. She was doing ok, but pain meds started to wear off and she got a headache. Nurse gave her some Morphine for it :) After that she felt great again and started eating her Carls Jr. Chicken stars. and Cupcake. Also Police officers came by and gave kids gifts:) MORE barbies ;).. And there was Christmas dinner on sixth floor . As silly as it may sound, but we had a great day. I am so proud of Regina, it is sickening..

We also met one of our CHLA friends in CHOC. Kind of funny, since we never met anybody this way. lauren had her third stem cell transplant and got horrible infection. HIGH fevers blood pressure problems.. etc.. Those who have had neutropinic children know what I am talking about. She is doing better now.
Check out their website:) She also needs some good thoughts.

Anway. Biopsy results will be available on 5 days. Dr Loudon wants to do surgery as soon as possible after results are in. So do we.

PS. Thank you for Christmas Cards. I just sent mine out. If you do not receive one from me, it means I ran out of them... :(:(:( Accept my apologies :)


Kathy said...


KMGheno said...

Wonderful, so proud of you both.

Much love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Pray for you all always. Be strong and positive always. I know it's not as easy as it's said.

Steph said...

Thinking of you.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Congratulation to Regina and the whole family getting through this so far. I know you'll all handle the rest of it just fine.

Just a quick note, not sure if I mentioned it or not. Abe (Oldmanlincoln) was in the hospital on Nov. 25th with a collapsed lung, got out Dec. 2nd Well it collapsed again on Dec. 12tn. We're hoping he gets home Sat the 20th.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad it went well. Leah

Anonymous said...

My main computer with all my favourites saved on it got a virus and I couldn't find your blog! I was thinking of you guys a lot and wondering how things were going--I finally googled a whole bunch of terms and there you were! So glad the pre-surgery stuff went well. Isn't it wonderful when the kids do really well and you can be so proud "it's sickening"! Hopefully Regina's cold didn't amount to too much. I used to hate those esp. when dd was neutropenic. No neutros and bands are not fun.
Hang tight and please keep us all posted. We're pulling for you.