Tuesday, December 30

Pathology report :)

I know, I should not be smiling, but why not? Pathology report was what we expected.
Diagnosis. PNET with extensive ependymal differentiation. So it is her "regular" tumor(s).

At first her surgery was scheduled on 5th, but few hour later we did scheduling, we got a phone call from Dr. Loudons scheduler and it was changed to 6th of January , 2008.
Since I am Ortodox ( I do not practice "my Religion"), Reginas surgery is on day of Russian Christmas ( 6th of january) or in Greek ortodox - ephipany.. IT is very importan day in many cultures and I believe that Hope is with her:) And I know Dr. Loudon and his OR staff will do best to keep her comfy and save her.
Regina will be inpatient in CHOC for 4-5 days. She already is telling me, that I should let her friends know where she is, since she wants "little" PEOPLE to visit her ;)
I hope you guys have great December 31st, and even better year 2009 :)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Here's hoping all goes well on the 6th. and the doctors are able to do all they can to help Regina. Love to the family.

Kathy said...

It's the 12 days of Christmas that end in Epiphany.

My mother's family in Sweden puts the tree up on Christmas eve, then there are gifts every day for the 12 days.

Epiphany sounds like the perfect day for Regina's surgery.

Love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

I just starting reading your blog. Your little girl is the bravest little girl. I just wanted to say I hope everything goes well. Your family is so amazing.